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Offering support & intuitive guidance on the path to freedom, fulfilment and empowerment
through conscious connection.

- Alexia Klompje

Current offerings present you with the opportunity to reconnect to all that you are through your unique human experience, journey & relationships, supporting your life path.

““In our session together, Alexia was able to guide me to the heart of what’s challenging me right now, something around which I’ve been experiencing a lot of sadness and anxiety. She created a space where I could connect with my inner wisdom and free myself from the fear I was feeling.”

1:1 Session

“This workshop opened my mind, expanded my understanding of self and of what it means to be creative. How to be better at introspection and how to begin to tackle mental hurdles in my journey towards being a more balanced and creative person."

Clay Play Workshop

"I would highly recommend Alexia's couples Program - it is something that every couple should throw themselves into. Enjoyed learning about myself, my partner and us as a couple. I understand my partner and her needs better and it has allowed us to connect at a deeper level."

Couples Program

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