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Offering support & guidance on the path to freedom, fulfilment and empowerment
through conscious connection.


What is conscious connection?

With how much sensitive awareness can you understand yourself, know yourself, expand yourself through your connection and interconnectedness with all that is...

All current offerings are in support of this - creating the opportunity for you to reconnect to all that you are through your unique human experience, journey & relationships.


I am a medium, healer and teacher deeply committed to exploring connection & interconnectedness - the power it has to heal & bring forth our greatest lessons, gifts and opportunities for expansion.

I hold space for individuals & couples on the path of conscious awakening, relating & evolution."

Alexia Klompje

“In our session together, Alexia was able to guide me to the heart of what’s challenging me right now, something around which I’ve been experiencing a lot of sadness and anxiety. She created a space where I could connect with my inner wisdom and free myself from the fear I was feeling. Her distance healing session after was amazing, super powerful and I was left feeling grounded and peaceful.”

— 1:1 Session

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