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Spiritual Mentoring Sessions

What are Spiritual Mentoring Sessions?

These online mentoring sessions offer you a guided, grounded space in which to explore further spiritual development as you navigate day to day contemporary life.

At this time, many are experiencing a spiritual awakening - understanding more clearly that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and are here to serve in some way. This process can feel lonely and confusing.

This package of 1:1 sessions are ideal for those wanting added support after a Source Energy Session, or are feeling called to explore their truth and purpose, investigating the spiritual/human connection, experiencing an awakening, needing spiritual or life guidance, needing to integrate a big life change, event or plant medicine experience, feeling at a crossroads, or just feeling lost or stuck in life.

Mentoring Sessions take the form of supportive conversational online video calls of one hour each. 

Each session is centred around:

  • diving deeper into what may currently be challenging you, and why

  • supporting you as you consciously work through various transpersonal themes

  • investigating your soul purpose, heart's desires and truth as they unfold during our time together

  • helping you work towards specific life oriented intentions or outcomes

  • supporting you as you continue to explore your spiritual path and how best to integrate that into your day to day existence

The Spiritual Mentoring Package is available in:

A package of 4 Sessions at:

R3200 (South African residents) at R800 per session /

US$380 (those outside of South Africa) at $95 per session.

Credit or debit card payments via Payfast or Paypal are an option, as well as a payment plan.

I do offer a complimentary 10 minute meet & greet if you'd like to set up an introductory video call before committing to a package.

Your Guide.

Since surviving a brain tumour a decade ago, I have been undergoing a spiritual awakening in gentle trickles, with a full spontaneous awakening occurring in 2020, during our Covid lockdown, which awakened me to my lifetimes of being a Shaman.


I am also a single mother, entrepreneur and woman living in a city, facing the usual day to day challenges.


I know firsthand what it is to be journeying the gruelling, lonely, confusing path to Self and subsequently offer up all my learnings, gifts and wisdom so that others walking this path know they are not alone and can feel supported as they move closer to their Truth and their reason for being here on Earth at this time.


Find out more About me.


Sha.woman Gift Vouchers can be used towards 1:1 Sessions.

“A couple of sessions with Alexia and my life was flipped on it's head, but in the best and healthiest way imaginable - like a yoga headstand.

I experienced immediate inner connection, self awareness and permission to prioritise deep callings. As well as a sense of forgiveness and open heartedness. 

The greatest gift of the process is the realisation and and understanding that all the knowledge and guidance needed, comes from within. A session with Alexia simply opens the door." 

— DH (1:1 Sessions)

“Lex is a force for good in the world. She leads with her whole heart, sharing her deep intuition and connection to the otherwise unknown for the purposes of healing, generosity and love. I am so inspired by her hope, sensitivity and caring spirit in service of her clients and a kinder world.  I always feel better after having seen her; and am blessed to know someone with her incredible gifts.” 

— JR (1:1 Sessions)

“Alexia gently and safely guided me back into my own home body in her sessions. Her warmth, humour and light makes the healing process feel very supported, and because she works with such presence, you feel as if everything will be okay in that very moment and moving forward. I would highly recommend a session with her to get in touch with your truth.”

– RR (1:1 Sessions)

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