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Supportive Mentoring Sessions

What are these sessions about?

These Supportive Mentoring Sessions offer you a guided, grounded space in which to explore further personal development as you navigate day to day contemporary life.

Are you experiencing a great personal shift or spiritual awakening? Are you feeling called to a deeper purpose, a more fulfilling life? Are you feeling lonely and confused in life and relationships? Are you feeling stuck, hopeless, helpless?

This package of 1:1 sessions are ideal for those wanting added support after a Source Energy Session, or a safe container of support whilst navigating a big life transition.


What is the structure of this Supportive Mentoring package and what will we be doing?


This mentoring package runs over 4-6 weeks, with weekly private sessions. 

I offer online or in person sessions at my home in Vredehoek, Cape Town CBD. Each session is 1 - 1.5 hour long, and will be unique according to your needs, but will comprise of sensitive exploration and observation, honest conversational sharing, guided discussions, practical exercises, journal prompts and channelled energy work.

The mentoring packages are centred around:

  • guiding you through a crisis

  • gently exploring what may currently be challenging you, and why

  • supporting you as you consciously work through various transpersonal themes

  • investigating your soul purpose, heart's desires and personal truth

  • helping you work towards specific life oriented intentions or outcomes

  • supporting you as you explore your personal transformation or spiritual path and how best to integrate that into your day to day existence

  • integrating a big life change, event or plant medicine experience

  • supporting you moving forward on your life path

Your Guide.

I know firsthand what it is to be journeying the gruelling, lonely, confusing path of personal transformation and subsequently offer up all my learnings, gifts and wisdom so that others walking this path know they are not alone and can feel supported as they move closer to their truth, purpose and a more fulfilling life.

What does the mentoring package cost, what does it include?


The Supportive Mentoring Package is available in

A package of 4 Sessions at:

R4000 (South African residents) at R1000 per session /

US$380 (those outside of South Africa) at $95 per session.


A package of 6 Sessions at:

R5700 (South African residents) at R950 per session /

US$540(those outside of South Africa) at $90 per session.

These packages can be renewed if further work is needed.

I do offer a complimentary 20 minute online Meet & Greet if you'd like to set up an introductory video call before committing to a package.

“A couple of sessions with Alexia and my life was flipped on it's head, but in the best and healthiest way imaginable - like a yoga headstand.

I experienced immediate inner connection, self awareness and permission to prioritise deep callings. As well as a sense of forgiveness and open heartedness. 

The greatest gift of the process is the realisation and and understanding that all the knowledge and guidance needed, comes from within. A session with Alexia simply opens the door." 

— DH

“Alexia is a beautiful wise soul. She is able to hold a safe, sacred space while doing amazing energy work and healing. She is able to assist you in making massive shifts rapidly and the work she does is deeply powerful. You will be forever changed.” 

— JM

“My sessions with Alexia were powerful and transformative. She helped me through a very challenging period of my life, always guiding me to my own inner guide, which felt very empowering. Her reflections and suggestions were always spot on. I could feel her deep care and loving support, which made a huge difference in how I felt during that time. Just knowing Alexia is there brings me huge comfort. She’s a bright shining light and a wonderful guide, mentor and friend.”

– LH

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