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The Expansion Pathway

What is the Expansion Pathway?

This extensive 12 week program is a guided pathway to finding freedom, fulfilment and empowerment through relationship with the Sacred, Self & Others.

This pathway is ideal for those feeling stuck, unfulfilled, blocked in some way, unsafe or small in the world, lost, alone, struggling with relationships or disconnected from Spirit, Self or people and the world around them. 

Through a variety of combined energy & mentoring sessions, an opportunity is presented to learn a variety of transpersonal truths & supportive tools, heal deeply, understand who you are in wholeness, and shift limitations in order to step into your power and transform your life through a greater perspective and reconnection with your wisdom.


What is the structure of this program and what will we be doing?

This program will run in three modules over 12 weeks. 


Module 1 "Relationship to Sacred": 

In this first module of four sessions, we begin with an investigation into your relationship with the Sacred: what this means to you, how you relate to God - your wounding, perspectives and belief systems in relation to the Divine, Great Mother, Great Father. From a non-denominational stand point, respecting your unique take on the Sacred, we will look at how your relationship to the Sacred influences your day to day existence.

Module 2 "Relationship to Self":

Following on from Module 1, in this second module of four sessions, we start to look at your relationship with Self - every aspect of Self: your connection to your spiritual & archetypal self - Higher Self, Shadow Self, Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Inner Child; your relationship with your human Self - body, ego, mind and heart. This investigation will shed light on how you partner yourself, view yourself, accept & love yourself, as well as your wants, needs, dreams & desires.

Module 3 "Relationship to Others":

And finally in this module of four sessions, with the wisdom gained from our explorations in the first two modules, we begin to look at your relationship with Others. How both your relationship to the Sacred and your Self, is externalised without, and influences your relationships and connection to Others, your world, your life. This includes investigating your relational patterning,​ assisting you gain clarity regarding your relationship desires and needsidentifying personal boundaries and how to place them and helping you work towards relationship oriented intentions or outcomes.

Each session will be unique according to your needs, but will comprise of sensitive exploration and observation, honest conversational sharing, guided discussions, practical exercises, journal prompts and channelled energy work.

This program supports you in conscious transpersonal exploration offering the potential for greater understanding, elevated perspective, intuitive perception and deep healing.

Who is this program for?

The Expansion Pathway is for individuals who are;

  • wanting to expand & evolve beyond current self limitations, belief systems, and programming

  • needing to transition through, transform and ascend beyond challenging life chapters 

  • yearning to reconnect to their intuition, faith, Higher Wisdom

  • wanting to heal and let go of spiritual, physical or relational trauma

  • growing out of their current life circumstances; career, relationships, family structures etc. and are looking for clarity

  • looking for freedom to live their best expression of Life with courage and confidence

  • wanting to elevate their current relationship with the Sacred, Self and Others to extraordinary

  • needing support on the return home to Self

Your Guide.

As a Shaman, supporting committed, courageous individuals on the path to expansion, higher perspective and a return to wholeness is what I am here to do. As a human being, this too has been my journey. One that I am intimate with, and know yields great rewards. It is my greatest privilege to offer up my learnings, gifts and wisdom as a guide on this pathway. 

Find out more About me.


What does the workshop cost, what does it include?


12 x 1:1 weekly sessions of 1-1.5 hours each at:

R11400 (South African residents) at R950 per session /

US$1100 (those outside of South Africa) at US$91 per session.

Credit or debit card payments via Payfast or Paypal are an option, as well as a payment plan.


Where & when?

I offer in person sessions at my home in Vredehoek, Cape Town CBD or online sessions via video call. Each session is 1 - 1.5 hour long.

I do offer a complimentary 15 minute meet & greet if you'd like to set up an introductory video call before committing to a package.

“A couple of sessions with Alexia and my life was flipped on it's head, but in the best and healthiest way imaginable - like a yoga headstand.

I experienced immediate inner connection, self awareness and permission to prioritise deep callings. As well as a sense of forgiveness and open heartedness. 

The greatest gift of the process is the realisation and and understanding that all the knowledge and guidance needed, comes from within. A session with Alexia simply opens the door." 

— DH

“Lex is a force for good in the world. She leads with her whole heart, sharing her deep intuition and connection to the otherwise unknown for the purposes of healing, generosity and love. I am so inspired by her hope, sensitivity and caring spirit in service of her clients and a kinder world.  I always feel better after having seen her; and am blessed to know someone with her incredible gifts.” 

— JR 

“Alexia gently and safely guided me back into my own home body in her sessions. Her warmth, humour and light makes the healing process feel very supported, and because she works with such presence, you feel as if everything will be okay in that very moment and moving forward. I would highly recommend a session with her to get in touch with your truth.”

– RR

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