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  • Alexia Klompje

This week’s Full Moon in Cancer

is a big, watery one and you may find yourself deep in your feels.

It’s a good time to feel your way through the following investigation:

- What offers you a feeling of safety in the world? How safe do you feel in your body? How can you cultivate feelings of safety?

- What nourishes you? Are you honouring your needs? Are your nourishing your body?

- Where are you feeling like you need more nurturing? Are you nurturing yourself? Can you invite more nurturing into your life?

- What does home feel like for you? Where do you feel at home? Do you feel at home in your body?

- How do you care for yourself? Do you allow others to care for you? How do you care for others?

My new Embodiment Energy Massage (a full body energy massage) is a great offering during this time - a nurturing moment of stillness to safely come home to your body and nourish yourself through deep rest.

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