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  • Alexia Klompje

What I’ve learnt...

...(and am still learning in various iterations on a daily basis) is that whether you’re single or in a partnership, relationships and how you move through the world in relation to others, is really the key to thriving. And, as I’m sure you’re now being told at every turn, this starts with your relationship to Self.


But it’s true.

We are all interconnected, whether we’re comfortable with this or not.

It’s not possible to move through the world as an island.

True freedom can really only be found through conscious connection.

Being truly seen, heard and loved is all we really yearn for.

All of the above can only be realised through a deep knowing, loving & respecting of Self.


Now more than ever, we’re being asked to collaborate, commune, connect. From this place of great relationship to Self.


Like any guide, I lead from my experience, and believe me when I tell you that these realisations have not come easy for me. They still challenge me daily. I’ve swung from hyper independent to extremely co-dependent and back again. I thrive and yearn for deep, honest intimate connection but most often just want to run free, wild and solo not connected to anyone or anything.


But I’ve learnt time and time again that true empowerment, fulfilment & joy can only be found in a balanced middle path.


So if you’d like to explore this middle path alongside me - taking all your relationships including the one with yourself to extraordinary, and in turn creating an extraordinary life - I offer various powerful & supportive, relational programs for individuals and couples.

Find out more here.

I do offer complimentary online Meet & Greets if you’d like to find out more in person.


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