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Reconnect to Elevate Relationship Program

What is this program about?

This extensive 16 week program is for couples looking for deep healing and transformation in an existing relationship, creating the potential for elevating the relationship to extraordinary.

Many are feeling the call for empowerment, fulfilment and freedom in their current relationships and life. This starts with the Self -  a committed journey of exploration into the full spectrum world of relationship through connection to the Sacred, Self and Others.

Through this Reconnect to Elevate Relationship Program an opportunity is presented for you to step into your power, reconnect to your true Self and the authentically with the world around you, allowing you to heal, elevate, engage and co-create your current relationship in a lasting and powerful way.


What is the structure of this workshop and what will we be doing?

This is a two phase program.

Phase 1 "The Expansion Pathway": 

Each individual is to initially take part in the 12 week (12 sessions per individual) The Expansion Pathway program.

This program offers 3 modules of guided 1:1 sessions consciously exploring your relationship to the Sacred, Self and Others.


This exploration offers the potential to:

  • expand & evolve beyond current self limitations, belief systems, and programming

  • transition through, transform and ascend beyond challenging life chapters 

  • reconnect to your intuition, faith, Higher Wisdom

  • heal and let go of spiritual, physical or relational trauma

  • gain clarity on current life circumstances; career, relationships, family structures etc.

  • find freedom to live your best expression of Life with courage and confidence

  • ​elevate your current relationship with the Sacred, Self and Others to extraordinary

  • find the right support on the return home to Self

Phase 2 "Reconnect to Elevate":

Journeying through The Expansion Pathway offers an elevated perspective with which to come together in a 6 week (6 group sessions) space of powerful collaborative and co-creative communication, with clear direction and focus on developing deeper connection within the relationship; aiding the potential for continued transformation and evolution of the relationship.

This workshop is comprised of 30 online 1:1 or group sessions.


Each session is unique according to your needs, but will comprise of honest conversational sharing, guided discussions, practical exercises, journal prompts and/or channelled energy work when required.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals who are committed to relating consciously, and;

  • needing to find empowerment, fulfilment, and freedom in life and relationship

  • wanting to honestly explore, and delve deeper in a current relationship

  • desire to transform and transition a relationship beyond it's current limitations 

  • needing to elevate above relational wounding, old programming and belief systems

  • wanting to honour & explore the call to grow & thrive while enhancing the connection of a relationship 

  • finding is time to expand their understanding of relationship

  • wanting to expand a current relationship to extraordinary

Your Guide.

Shamanically, I am deeply committed to the realm of relationship in all its forms. It's what connects us, heals us and brings forth our greatest lessons and opportunities for expansion. I also know how powerfully transformative reconnection with the Sacred and Self is in the realm of relating to Others, and in creating the most purposeful expression of life. It is my greatest privilege to offer up my learnings, gifts and wisdom as a guide on this pathway. 

Join me as I gently guide you through this exploration.

Find out more About me.


What does the workshop cost, what does it include?

Per couple price per total of 30 weekly Sessions (including The Expansion Pathway program for both individuals) is:

R30 900 (South African residents)

US$2970 (those outside of South Africa)

Credit or debit card payments via Payfast or Paypal are an option, as well as a payment plan.


Where & when?

I offer in person sessions at my home in Vredehoek, Cape Town CBD or online sessions via video call. Each session is 1 - 1.5 hour long.

I do offer one or more complimentary 15 minute meet & greets if you'd like to set up an introductory video call/s before committing to a package.

"I would highly recommend Alexia's couples workshop - it is something that every couple should throw themselves into. Enjoyed learning about myself, my partner and us as a couple. I understand my partner and her needs better and it has allowed us to connect at a deeper level."


“Alexia’s course was gentle enough for beginners in energy work but profound enough to really make a positive difference in our relatively young relationship. It feels as if we cleared paths to communication and deepened our connection by many levels through 3 short sessions. Beautiful, life and love affirming experience!"


"My husband and I did this course to explore the nature of our relationship at a deeper level although we didn’t really know where it would take us. It has opened up channels of communication between us that I didn't realise needed opening, and from it, we have gained a clearer understanding of each other, of ourselves and of the unique dynamics of our relationship."


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