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  • Alexia Klompje

The Expansion Pathway

is really the most incredible program to facilitate.

After guiding a variety of committed clients along its path, I realise that it really is about choosing to step onto a pathway of expanded consciousness that co-creates a truly transformational experience with, and for you, as we find your way along it.

I set the curriculum to my own personal journeying of the path - which really just serves as sign posting along the way. Each person’s experience of the pathway is entirely their own and I’m always left awed & humbled.

Find out more or book a complimentary Meet & Greet with me to find out if this pathway is for you. This is a pathway of illumination that requires courage & commitment to your truth, and is waiting for when you’re ready, but not a moment sooner. 

Usually clients have been working with me & preparing for this program through Supportive Mentoring Sessions or Source Energy Sessions prior to signing up to the program. And I recommend this.

This pathway is also part of my Reconnect to Elevate Relationship Program for couples. And you’ll be walking it together with your partner.

A reminder that I'm offering my first 10 clients of 2024 a 10% discount on all sessions, packaged & programs. And there are 5 discounts remaining.


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