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  • Alexia Klompje

All offerings present the opportunity to

activate your lifeโ€™s full potential by reconnecting to all that you are in order to experience true freedom, fulfilment & empowerment.

A channelled Source Energy Session, aligning you to your highest truth, reconnecting you to your wisdom & returning you to wholeness.

Supportive Mentoring Sessions create a guided, grounded space in which to explore the call to further personal or spiritual development as you consciously navigate life & choose to thrive.

A deeply relaxing & healing full body energy massage offering for women. Reconnect to your body, enter a state of deep rest and re-align to your centre.

A Ceremonial offering to intentionally mark a letting go, and a welcoming in, ritualistically grounding and celebrating a fresh new start aligned to your purpose & life path.

A 12 week pathway program supporting expansion & fulfilment through a beautiful investigation into fuller understanding of all that you are - offering the potential for true transformation & empowerment within all areas of life.

An 8 week program for men wanting to explore, reconnect, & integrate their healthiest, most conscious expression of masculinity.

A flexible program for couples working through a particular relational challenge or shift that needs support in mature communication, collaboration & co-creation.

A 16 week program for couples on a committed, conscious journey, wanting to co-create a deeper, more vulnerable connection & intimacy within the existing relationship.

An online group workshop designed to powerfully support you in freeing yourself from limiting beliefs around material wealth, activating true prosperity, and physically materialising a truly abundant life from the inside out.


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